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What is

Alibaba Cloud offers cloud services that are available on a basis, and include elastic compute, data , relational databases, big-data processing, anti- protection and content delivery networks (CDN). It is the largest cloud computing company in China, and in Asia Pacific according to Gartner.

Course Description

Looking to dive into the world of Alibaba Cloud with a comprehensive introduction to the range of products and solutions offered by Alibaba Cloud? Fundamental Architecting on Alibaba Cloud is a course designed for users looking to start this journey with a look into Alibaba Cloud’s core products. Fundamental Architecting looks into storage, networking, auto-scaling, and security solutions as well as scenarios to best combine these products to create a complete cloud-based architecture.

After completing this course the learner should:

  • Have general knowledge of Cloud Computing, Network Security, and the IT industry.
  • Able to develop general solutions and enterprise best practices based on Alibaba Cloud’s products.
  • Knowledge in the use and operation of Alibaba Cloud’s ECS, Server Load Balancers, , VPC, , CDN, Alibaba Cloud Security, and CloudMonitor products.

To earn an official Alibaba Cloud certificate please join the Cloud Computing courses on the Academy’s website:


  • Learn how to use the core Alibaba Cloud products
  • Build cloud-based architectures on Alibaba Cloud platforms
  • Learn to secure your cloud architecture with a range of cloud security solutions
  • Manage a Relational that can analyze large sets of data
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