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Anti-DDoS Pro provides eight Border Protocol (BGP) lines at the Tbit/s level to protect your servers deployed in mainland China against DDoS attacks. Compared with anti-DDoS service based on Internet Data Centers (IDCs), Anti-DDoS Pro supports more stable networks with lower latency and quicker disaster recovery.

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Anti-DDoS Pro provides the following benefits:

  • Maximum BGP bandwidth resources in mainland China. Supports mitigating 1.5 Tbit/s DDoS attacks.
  • Top-quality bandwidth resources covering eight major ISP networks in mainland China, including China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and CERNET.

Only one IP address is needed to quickly access different ISP networks in mainland China.


We recommend that you use Anti-DDoS Pro if you have the following needs:

  • Reliable networking that supports minimal latency, quick disaster recovery, and multiple ISP networks.
  • Basic protection that offers 20 Gbit/s or more BGP bandwidth.
  • Capability to mitigate DDoS attacks peaking at more than 300 Gbit/s.

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