Cloud Security Overview

An Alibaba Report

As the largest Chinese cloud provider and the third largest (and fastest growing) cloud provider in the world, Alibaba Cloud provides a full set of security solutions – anti-, , malware protection, vulnerability detection, and others, protect over 2 million companies worldwide.

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This report tells the story of the current state of cybercrime, how we got there, and how cloud security, contrary to the popular belief, offers the best way to protect individuals and organizations from its threats. It encourages you, the reader, to let go of security bias, and embrace the change.

This is an Alibaba Cloud report, which means it is based on petabytes of databillions of transactions, collected over the past 6 months from millions of virtual machines from any vertical imaginable.

If you look for Alibaba Cloud’s “security secret sauce” you’ll find it in the work of its various security research and data science teams. Alibaba Cloud employs hundreds of security researchers and algorithm engineers and this report provides a glimpse into their work and findings for the first half of 2018.

Download the Report at here

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