Cloud Security Quiz

1. Regarding Alibaba Cloud’s data security protection, which of the following can satisfy data and disaster recovery requirements?


2. Which of the folllowing option is not the function provided by VPC?


3. Which of the following methods CANNOT increase account security?


4. If an enterprise chooses the “All In One” deployment structure, which of the following security issues need NOT be considered?


5. Which of the following Alibaba Cloud products need to be considered to use if you want to build an elastic computing cluster to provide web service together and also with dynamic data and static data separately stored? (Number of Correct Answers: 4)


6. Anti-DDoS is one of the major Alibaba Cloud Security products. Many websites have experienced different types of DDoS attacks, an accurate understanding of DDoS is crucial to protect websites. Which of the following descriptions about DDoS attacks is the most accurate one?


7. Which of the following descriptions of the shared responsibilities security model is CORRECT?


8. Cloud Monitor provides monitoring service to Alibaba Cloud resources and internet applications. Which of the following statements is correct:


9. IT system risk management should be considered from a variety of different angles. Which of the following is a description of device and computing security?


10. Regarding the ‘Shared Security Responsibilities’ on Alibaba Cloud, which of the following options are the responsibilities Cloud user need to take care of? (Number of Correct Answers: 3)


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