Handle Larger Traffic with Load Balancer – Quiz

1. Server Load Balancer provides central certificate management system for which of the following protocol?


2. Usually, Alibaba SLB, , and Auto Scaling are used together. Which of the following statements are correct?


3. Alibaba Cloud SLB is a service for distributing traffic among multiple ECS instances. To make SLB works as desired, you need to set which of the following configurations carefully.


4. An enterprise built an isolated environment by using Alibaba Cloud VPC, and connected this VPC and a traditional data center via VPN. As a result, this enterprise can seamlessly migrate data from its traditional data center to Alibaba Cloud.
Now they need to receive user requests from the Internet, and assign these requests to multiple ECS instances inside the VPC by using SLB. Which of the following statements are correct?


5. You are developing a highly available web application using stateless web servers. Which services are suitable for storing session state data?


6. Your website has high volume of traffic and sudden spikes for a very short time. In this scenario, which product can manage traffic peak efficiently and maintain a consistent user experience?


7. Applications or websites with users from different parts of the world will require low latency and high availability (HA) with multilayer disaster recovery. In this scenario, except Auto Scaling should be used along with Server Load Balancer, which service is also suggested to be used together?


8. Which feature in Server Load Balancer means that it can forward the access requests from a single user to the same ECS instance within a certain period to ensure session continuity?


As an expert of Alibaba Cloud, which of the following statement is true?


10. When using Alibaba Cloud SLB, users can enable the health check function. For Layer 4 services (UDP protocol), SLB determines the availability of ECS instances through?


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