Manage and Operate Auto Scaling – Introduction

Auto Scaling Benefits

This article introduces the function, product features and scenarios of Auto Scaling.


  • Automatically add or remove instances when demand on your application increases or decreases.
  • Automatically configure the ECS instances of Sever Load Balancer.
  • Supports configure the for whitelist.
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  • On demand: Adjust resources to fit the demand curve in real time. You do not have to worry about your computing capacity when demand surges.
  • Automated: Automatically create and release ECS instances based on policies you specify. Configure the Server Load Balancer and RDS whitelists with no manual operation.
  • Flexible: You can scheduled scaling, dynamic scaling based on targets monitored, scaling fixed number of instances, and automated replacing of unhealthy instances. It also can use external systems through APIs.
  • Intelligent: Can be applied to complicated scenarios.


  • Video sharing: Workload surges during holidays and festivals. Computing resources have to be scaled out automatically in real time.
  • Video streaming: Demand curve is difficult to predict manually. Computing resources have to be scaled out based on CPU usage, workload, or bandwidth.
  • Gaming: Demand increasing starts at 12:00 and lasts from 18:00 to 21:00, scheduled scaling is needed.
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