Manage and Operate Auto Scaling – Manual Operations

This topic describes how to use Auto Scaling to implement automatic scaling.

Background information

This topic describes how to use Auto Scaling in the console. For information about how to use API operations to manage resources

The following figure shows the usage process of Auto Scaling.
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Operation Procedure

  1. Create a scaling group (CreateScalingGroup). Configure the minimum and maximum number of instances in the scaling group, and select the associated Server and instances.
  2. Create scaling configuration (CreateScalingConfiguration). Configure the ECS instances attributes for Auto Scaling, such as ID and Instance Type.
  3. Enable the scaling group with the scaling configuration created in Step 2 (EnableScalingGroup).
  4. Create a scaling rule (CreateScalingRule). For example, add N ECS instances.
  5. Create a scheduled task (CreateScheduledTask). For example, to trigger the scaling rule created in Step 4 at 12:00 AM.
  6. Create an alarm task ( API PutAlarmRule). For example, to add 1 ECS instance when the average (it can also be max or min) CPU usage is greater than or equal to 80%.

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