Manage and Operate Auto Scaling – Quiz

1. Auto Scaling is a management service that can automatically adjust elastic computing resources based on your business needs and policies. Its key functions are ( ). (Number of correct answers: 3)


2. A customer uses Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling service and creates a scaling group. He sets the “Minimum number of instances” to 6 and “Maximum number of instances” to 8.
After correctly configuring scaling settings, the customer adds a scaling rule “Adjust to 10 ECS instances”, and creates a scheduled task based on this rule.
And then, the customer checks the scaling group and see it already contains 6 valid ECS instances, he then enables this scaling group immediately.
How many ECS instance are left in the scaling group when the scheduled task is activated once?


3. A scaling group in Auto Scaling refers to the collection of ECS instances with the same application scenario. Which of the following must be configured when creating a scaling group? (Number of correct answers: 3)


4. Auto Scaling is a management service that can automatically adjusts elastic computing resources based on your business needs and policies. It supports adding existing ECS instances into the scaling group, whose status must be ________.


5. In Auto Scaling, the cool-down time of a scaling group refers to the lockout period after a scaling activity has been executed successfully. Which of the following statements about cool-down time are true? (Number of correct answers: 3)


6. When using Auto Scaling, you want to execute a task at a specific time such as removing 1 ECS instance every night at 00:00. To achieve this, which of the following operations should be performed? (Number of correct answers: 2)


7. Two modes are available for deleting scaling groups in Auto Scaling: ForceDelete mode and non-ForceDelete mode. Which of the following conditions must be met in non-ForceDelete mode? (Number of correct answers: 2)


8. There are scheduled tasks and event-triggered tasks in Auto Scaling. About event-triggered tasks, which of the following metrics are supported for this type of tasks? (Number of correct answers: 4)


9. When using Auto Scaling, you have to create scaling group, scaling configuration, scaling rule, scheduled task and event-triggered task. When a task is created, the task will be triggered according to the pre-defined condition. Which of the following conditions can trigger a task? (Number of correct answers: 2)


10. A video streaming company uses SLB to distribute user requests to 30 ECS instances (the 30 ECS instances have the same configuration). Yet, the company finds that the service traffic soars dramatically every night from 20:00 to 02:00. According to their calculation, the evening traffic is 100% higher than the traffic in other periods of time. To properly respond to user requests, which of the following methods is most preferred from the perspective of cost and implementation simplicity?


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