Manage and Operate ECS – Quiz

1. You can ________ an ECS instance’s configuration. (Number of correct answers: 2)


2. Cloud disks are reliable because they use ________ to provide block-level data for ECS instances, ensuring 99.9999999% data reliability.


3. Before important operations such as upgrading application software or migrating business data, it is suggested to create one or more ________.


4. Which of the following products can be used to make an ECS only accessible from a private IP address?


5. If you are running an online ticket booking service with relatively fixed traffic, which kind of payment method is the most appropriate?


6. The most important feature of Alibaba cloud server is elasticity. When trying to expand the disk, can expand the disk size or add a new disk. Which of the following description is NOT correct about adding a new disk?




8. Alibaba Cloud server ECS is provided to customer as a cloud service. Which is the support SLA of Alibaba Cloud Products?


9. What is the full name of ECS?


10. Comparing to traditional server room trusteeship, ECS provides better flexibility. Which of the following operation is NOT supported?


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