Manage and Operate RDS – Features

RDS Features

RDS offers automatic backup, meaning you can create a backup policy and adjust the timing of RDS data and log backups.

MySQL Database

PolarDB is a next-generation -based service developed by Alibaba Cloud for relational databases, which is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. Based on a distributed storage architecture, PolarDB provides high-capacity, low-latency online transaction processing (OLTP) services, and cost-effective scalable services.

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Basic concepts

  • Cluster
  • Instance
  • Database
  • and zone


Alibaba Cloud offers a web-based and easy-to-use console where you can manage various products and services including PolarDB. In the console, you can create, access, and configure your PolarDB database.

For more information about the console layout, see Alibaba Cloud console.

The logon page for the POLARADB console is

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