Manage and Operate RDS – Quiz

1. In each Alibaba Cloud service , there are different data centers with independent power supply and network. These data centers are also called () in Alibaba Cloud.


2. When doing RDS , which type of backup is supported by automatic backup?


3. Which of the following statements is true for RDS?


4. If you have an ECS instance and an RDS instance in the same region, what is the easiest way to connect the two?




6. After creating an RDS read-only instance, you should use which of the following services to make its data consistent to the master instance?


7. Which of the followings is part of the cost of using Alibaba Cloud RDS?


8. Which of the followings is not the database type supported by RDS?


9. RDS is a PaaS, what is the full term of PaaS in cloud computing?


10. Which of the following is not Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor metrics for RDS?


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